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Lighting for Hazardous and Industrial Areas

NEW VOLTAGE SUFFIXES (/A1, /B1, /C1, etc) We have recently implemented a new business system which has added a new suffix to determine the voltage on our existing partcodes. These suffixes are only relevant for our fittings that have copper/iron control gear.

All fittings will be tapped to 240V 50Hz as standard, unless stipulated at time of order

For further explanation on voltage suffixes,
please click here to download the Voltage Range Matrix

High frequency control gear is not effected and voltage suffixes are not required.
  • Standard voltages Ex equipment 220V-254V 50/60Hz
  • Standard voltage Industrial equipment: 220V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Other voltages are available upon request or refer to the product datasheet

  • Victor Lighting manufacturers a unique range of luminaires specifically designed for hazardous area lighting for use in high risk areas where potentially explosive gases and dusts may exist. Our distinctive lighting solutions are characterised by low maintenance design and high levels of ingress protection, suitable for the most harsh and challenging environments on the planet. Our range of lighting products includes those with certification in accordance with International (IECEx), European (ATEX), Russian (GOST), Chinese (GB) and Canadian (CSA) standards.

    As a company we have used our knowledge of hazardous and industrial environments to inspire a number unique design concepts. The result is a range of innovative lighting solutions that combine quality and durability with excellent photometric output. Offshore or onshore, we believe there is a Victor luminaire to meet your lighting requirements no matter how arduous your environment.

    Victor Lighting is part of Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous group and a division of Hubbell Limited.

    Victor Lighting Catalogue
    The current version of the Victor Lighting catalogue is now available.
    This product guide provides the complete specification of the products within the Victor Lighting range.
    Click here to download

    Trident VL125 and  VL126Trident Zone 1 Fluorescent - Unique Solutions for Hazardous Areas

    The Trident range of Ex e luminaires brings an innovative design solution for the lighting of hazardous areas. Designed for use in the most hostile environments the luminaire provides an unparalleled level of ingress protection and resistance to UV radiation.

    The Trident's modular design reduces the number of components making installtion simple and long term maintance quick and easy.

    Trident VL125 and  VL126 Download Brochure - English Trident VL125 and  VL126 Download Brochure - Russian Trident VL125 and VL126 Download Brochure - Chinese

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